New Contest: How to Blame Flash Mobs on the Tea Party

Over at The American Interest, Walter Mead has written an interesting piece, “American Tenderbox,” on the recent spate of strong-arm robberies and attacks on whites by flash mobs of young black men:

After succumbing to weariness over a seemingly endless attempt by one contributor on another thread to paint sociology as a legitimate science, I suggested that we start a new thread. In it, we would look at Democratic Party social policies, designed to liberate black people, and ask if they’ve had anything to do with the rise in flash-mob savageries in the downtowns of various Democratic cities. I asked said contributor in jest whether he could conjure up a “scientific” sociology study that shows that Tea Party members are the ones behind the flash-mob phenomenon.

Which got me to thinking. . .

Let’s have a contest to come up with the best explanation why Tea Partyers are the ones responsible for lawless behavior among some black urban yoots. Feel free to create your own names of putative sociology studies that prove your assertion, as well as imaginary URLs linking to them. Various prizes will be awarded for the most clever repeated use of the words “racism” and “Tea Party” in the same sentence, as well as parodies of leftspeak in the summaries and abstracts of your scientific “proofs.”

Should SADIE be allowed to contribute? We met, and after consulting Wiki, decided that she may.

UPDATE: Note to Mike Devx: This isn’t the Democratic Party, so Martel isn’t allowed to rig his own contests. But Chuck says to tell you he appreciates the compliment!