Should we exile someone from the village?

Bookworm Room is not a democracy.  It’s my forum or, you might say, my intellectual living room.  I can invite people in and, through the power of WordPress software, ask them to leave.  As all of you know, I am loath to exercise that last power and have only done so once in all the years I’ve had this blog and, in that case, I did it to someone who was obscene and abusive.

Zachriel is neither obscene nor abusive.  Zachriel is invariably polite.  It’s also clear, however, that Zachriel is gaming my system.  His/Her/Their/Its comments are not aimed at debate, but rather at distraction.  I am finding this approach increasingly hard to countenance, especially since I’ve now learned that some of my favorite people abandoned the comments section at Bookworm Room because of the sturm und drag Zachriel’s comments created.

Before I take the drastic step of banning someone from this site, I’d like your input. I’ve created a simple yes/no poll, asking the question “Should Zachriel be banned?” I want this blog to be an inviting place. If y’all find it inviting despite this gamer’s comments, he can stay. However, if this person/thing/conglomerate is destroying the ambiance here, and making it a boring and hostile environment to those who ought to find the Bookworm Room a welcome and entertaining (even if sometimes contentious) place, then he needs to go.

So, speak:

Should Zachriel be banned from Bookworm Room?