Just a handful of things I thought you’d like

Ed Driscoll has an excellent illustrated post on the Left’s obsession with Jesus.  If only they were as focused on his teachings as they are on his imagery.

Spengler on the two Americas (although they’re not the two Americas John Edwards was talking about).

Exactly my take on the presidential reading list.  It’s positively Oprah-esque.  (And my theory, my very strong theory, is that whatever Oprah’s for, I view with deep, deep suspicion.)  Of course, all of this assumes that the president actually reads anything.  Given his wooden, ungraceful, often inept speech, he doesn’t strike me as a reader.

Is what’s happening in Egypt vis a vis the Jews and Israel any surprise?

Wehner says the right thing about Biden’s atrocious agreement with China’s one-child policy.