The Navy League

San Francisco’s Fleet Week is just around the corner.  It is pretty much the last gasp of the City that once Knew How.  (Herb Caen readers, meaning old San Franciscans, will know what I mean when I write that.)

I just renewed my Navy League membership, not only because it is a sterling organization, and one that should be familiar to every American, but also because it’s my e-ticket ride for Fleet Week.  The support I give our maritime forces with my membership is returned a thousand-fold in the form of extra attention during the Fleet Week celebrations.  The Navy doesn’t just pay lip service to that hackneyed expression “thank you for your support;” it says thank you with a vengeance.

So think about this double whammy:  With one membership payment, you get the altruistic pleasure of helping out an organization that exists to serve our forces in the Navy, Marines and Coast Guard, and you get lots of fun piled on your plate.

Sign up now.  That’s all I can say, so I’ll say it again:  Sign up now.