Living up to expectations

At the PTA meeting, we got to meet many of the people in the school administration.  They all lined up at the front of the room and, one after the other, they introduced themselves.  Most were women.  A few were men.  One of the men was quite amazingly handsome, sort of a George Clooney type, only without that startled bovine quality that’s such an integral part of Clooney’s looks.  When the administrator’s turn came to speak, I leaned forward, waiting to hear this:

or maybe this:

or possibly this:

Instead, I heard this, only with a touch of helium added for good measure:

I was disappointed, to say the least.

It was the same shattering experience people had when they first heard Lina Lamont:

All of which is a prelude to the fact that I spoke on the phone today, for the first time, with one of my blog friends.  I can hereby announce that this blog friend has a perfectly lovely voice.  It’s all there:  correct pitch, nice speech, the whole megillah for a nice voice.  I’m happy.  You see (true confession here), I’m shallow enough that I would have been saddened if the conversation had resulted in my having a Lina Lamont moment.