Last night’s GOP debate

I didn’t watch the debate (broadcast, as always, during peak “caring for family” time), but I’ve read the blogs and pundits and I know who won:  Perryromney (or was it Romneyperry?).

I know from at least one post debate poll that Paul won, which I find peculiar.

I know that Bachmann looked and sounded lovely, but lost anyway, because lovely isn’t enough.

I know that Perry accurately called Social Security a “Ponzi scheme,” which was a truthful and courageous thing to do, and can help him win, except that it was a really bad idea and can scare away voters.

I know that Romney was bland except that he was presidential, and that he came out firing, except when he didn’t.

I know that Perry fumbled his global warming answer, but who really cares?  He’s got weeks to polish something up.

I know that Romney was presidential, except when Romney Care came up, at which time he sounded bland and defensive.

I know that MSNBC was its usual charming self by using a roomful of far-Left pundits to engage in the post-GOP debate wrap-up.  (And they wonder why people actually believe Fox when it says “fair and balanced.”)  Aside from offering straightforward news, Fox would have actually throw a token liberal on such a panel.  And unlike the Lefties who fire those token liberals (think:  Juan Williams), any conservative who showed up on MSNBC would still have had a job the next day.

And I know that Perry, by not flailing badly, is still the putative frontrunner, with former front runner Mitt playing catch-up.

It’s amazing how well informed one can be without actually watching television.