A lyrical look at the rigors of Naval officers’ training

So many of you are superb writers, and I have wondered why you don’t start your own blogs.  Navy One finally did, and it’s become one of my regular go-to places.  He keeps it apolitical (he’s active duty), but it’s just a pleasure to read because he’s a wonderful writer and the kind of thinker with whom one wants to spend more time.

Flush with his blogging success, Navy One has branched out and written for American Thinker a beautiful encomium to his Marine drill instructor.  I like to think that my children will regard me in the same light one day….

Anyway, take a moment out from the news and the wars and the horrible air show accidents (my thoughts and prayers are working overtime for that one), and read something that will make you feel happy.  (Clearly, feeling happier is one of my current themes, although I promise not to go all saccharine on you guys.)