Maxine Waters accidentally wanders into a Jewish joke

Here’s the joke, an oldie from the Soviet Union:

On a bitterly cold day in Moscow, word has gone out that a store has received a shipment of food supplies.  People start lining up early.  Soon, the line doubles around the blog block.  After a couple of hours, an official emerges from the store.

“Owing to American interference with Soviet concerns, supplies are slightly more limited than we had originally anticipated.  All Jews must therefore leave this line.”

Grumbling, but unsurprised, the Jews head home empty-handed.

The sun rises in the sky, but gives no warmth.  Another couple of hours go by, and the same official comes out.

“The Americans were worse than we thought, and our supplies are more diminished than we realized.  All of those who do not belong to the Communist Party must leave this line.”

Disgruntled non-Party members head home, leaving only the hard-core Soviets waiting for food.

The sun begins to set.  The cold becomes worse.  The Party members huddle together, trying to get warm.  At long last, after they’ve spent eight or ten hours waiting, the official emerges from the store one last time.

“We regret to announce that American depredations were so great that we have no food supplies available today.  You must all go home.”

As the Party members shuffle away into the cold night, one loudly says to the other, “Those damn Jews!  They get all the luck.”

Keeping that joke fixed firmly in your mind, please enjoy Rep. Maxine Waters’ considered opinion about the favorable treatment the Jews get at Obama’s hands (as compared to the scolding meted out to the Congressional Black Caucus):


MAXINE WATERS: I’m not sure exactly who the president was talking to. As you know, the Congressional Black Caucus has been out in five cities where we held town hall meetings and jobs fairs addressing this 16.7 unemployment that’s real, that translates in some areas to 30, 40 percent unemployment; and with black youth, 50 percent unemployment. So, I’m not sure who the president was addressing.

I found that language a bit curious because the president spoke to the Hispanic Caucus, and certainly they’re pushing him on immigration. And despite the fact that he’s appointed Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, he has an office for excellence in Hispanic education right in the White House. They’re still pushing him. He certainly didn’t tell them to stop complaining.

And he would never say that to the gay and lesbian community, who really pushed him on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; or even in a speech to AIPAC, he would never say to the Jewish community, ‘Stop complaining about Israel.’