L’Shana tovah!

Sadie sent me quite possibly the best New Year email I’ve ever received, and I share the email, and the good wishes, with all of you:

May you enjoy your applies and honey

May you find it easy to give and receive

May you know when to surrender, and do so with grace
May you remember that some people’s lives are parched dry . . . and be grateful for the abundance in yours
May you find beauty in unexpected places
May you carry your loads with ease amid sweetness
May you learn and teach well
May you move with as much joy and ease as you can
May your home be filled with fresh air and light
May your tense and angry times be short-lived
So that you come back quickly to your comfortable ol’ self
May you be startled and delighted by new beginnings
May you find your uniqueness
May you play with friends
and hear beautiful music
May you come to the surface for air when you need it
May you take excellent care of yourself
And may everything that hurts you also be a little funny

Have a wonderful 5772!! Health & Happiness!

שנה טובה
ומלאת כל טוב