Obama just can’t get things right when it comes to those pesky janitors

Obama is having a bad week when it comes to Joo . . . janitors.  After his mispronunciation faux pas (which was probably the innocent act of a mental stumble bum, but which sounded appalling coming from Obama, who has proven hostile to Israel and the Jews), he’s now issued a Rosh Hashanah message that’s sure to offend.  Here’s the message:

And here’s Keith Koffler explaining why, peculiar accent aside, Obama put his foot in his mouth again:

The insult is this:

Around the world, a new generation is reaching for their universal rights.

By this he means the “Arab Spring.” Just as he did in his Passover greeting, Obama is using a Jewish holiday to tout the struggle of people who, by and large, hate Jews.

It’s a tribute to how little this supposedly worldly man understands about other cultures that he could possibly place the Arabs and the Muslims into a Jewish New Year greeting.

You should read Koffler’s entire post, ’cause it expands on this point.

I’ve said it before of Obama, and I’ll say it again:  What a maroon.