OWS: Lashing out at Obama’s other woman?

JKB had a very interesting thought, which I wanted to share with all of you:

It appears to me that these OWS protests are a Progressive reaction to Obama jumping into bed with Wall Street.  He cheated on them.  They feel betrayed but are going after the other woman as they just can’t face that Obama is a philanderer.  So it’s all Wall Street’s fault for coming on to their man.  Obama is the man in the middle.  He’s hoping Wall Street will show him the love, even as publicly he’s trying to make up with the Progressives by kinda sorta agreeing with their trash talk about Wall Street.

So is Obama’s “baby, she meant nothing to me” routine going to work?  Will Wall Street not care, because they love him and he’s going to leave the Progressive like he promised?  Will the Progressives really ignore his affairs like Hillary did Bill’s?  Or does Obama end up out in the street after both realize he’s no good?

It always struck me as odd to go after the “other” person in an affair.  They aren’t the one who betrayed.  Is threatening the love interest an immature response?

To help you think about JKB’s insight, remember that Obama has received more financial love from Wall Street than all of the current GOP candidates combined.