The lunatics have taken over the asylum

I find the video below both hysterically funny and terribly tragic.  We should all be worried when the insane are the vanguard of what promises to be a dangerous protest movement.

One can sympathize with people who have been on the receiving end of societal and government lies for decades, and one can feel for people who, thanks to our marvelous media, watch the rich grow outrageously rich before their eyes.  For these people it is irrelevant that there are reasonable counter arguments.  People in the fine flush of rage, insanity or stupidity, don’t want to hear that banks give loans because that’s what they do, that the government has mandated that they give loans to people who are bad risks, and that only a foolish person would take on unsustainable debt.  Likewise, they are interested in the fact that, even as the rich get visibly richer, the truth about America is that there has generally been a huge rise in the standard of living, due in large part to the same corporations these people are protesting.

Regardless of little sparks of meaning and sanity emanating from the streets, the fact remains that OWS is a fundamentally anarchistic movement.  It has no purpose other than destruction.  That some seek to destroy government, and some the banks, and some the Jews, is irrelevant.  The destructive impulse that drives OWS explains why local governments are stymied about how to deal with the protests.  Whether one lets the crowds sit there, mired in filth, or whether one tries to sweep them away, the outcome is the same:  societal disruption.  In the short term, the anarchist always wins.

And with that intro, enjoy this video, showing the leading edge of lunacy:


(If the embed isn’t working, you can see the video here.)

Hat tip:  Duane Lester