Obama trots out his anti-Israel message using a self-loathing Jew

Ignore the fact that the Qur’an is drenched in Jew hated.  Ignore the fact that, since Islam came into being, it has alternately treated Jews as second class citizens or actively tried to slaughter them.  If you can ignore those realities, you too can be an American ambassador in the Obama administration.  You get bonus points if you’re a self-loathing, Leftist Jew who holds the job.  With those credentials, it is possible to say with a perfectly straight face that world-wide Muslim antisemitism is — yes, wait for it . . . the Jews’ fault!

Growing global anti-Semitism is linked to Israel’s policy towards the Palestinians, [Howard Gutman] the American ambassador to Belgium told stunned Jewish conference attendants in Brussels earlier this week.


A distinction should be made between traditional anti-Semitism, which should be condemned and Muslim hatred for Jews, which stems from the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, Gutman said. He also argued that an Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty will significantly diminish Muslim anti-Semitism.

Fortunately, the speaker who came on immediately after Gutman’s statement (and please note that Gutman ran away for an “appointment” immediately after dropping this antisemitic bombshell) did not feel that politeness constrained him from speaking the truth:

[T]he next speaker offered a scathing rebuttal to the envoy’s remarks.

“The modern Anti-Semite formally condemns Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust and expresses upmost sympathy with the Jewish people. He simply has created a new species, the “Anti-Zionist” or – even more sophisticated – the so-called ‘Israel critic,’” Germany attorney Nathan Gelbart said.

“The ‘Israel critic’ will never state ‘Jews go home’ but is questioning the legality of the incorporation of the State of Israel and therefore the right for the Jewish people to settle in their homeland. He will not say the Jews are the evil of the world but claim that the State of Israel is a major cause for instability and war in the region,” he said. “There is no other country, no other people on this planet the ‘Israel critic’ would dedicate so much time and devotion as to the case of Israel.”

“For no other country he would criticize or ask to boycott its goods or academics. And this for one simple reason: Because Israel is the state of the Jewish people, not more and not less,” Gelbart said.

Despite his actions, his words, and the words of his agents, Obama still has the audacity to boast about his pro-Israel credentials:

Though Barack Obama has been picking fights with the government of the State of Israel since his first day in office, the flip side of that relationship is his desperate desire to convince American Jews he’s the Jewish state’s best friend. That’s been an even tougher sell in the last year, and polls have consistently shown Obama’s support among American Jews declining. But at a fundraiser last night at the home of Jack Rosen, president of the largely defunct American Jewish Congress, Obama was tooting his own horn again, in a way that reflects not only his political agenda but his well-known high opinion of himself:

And as Jack alluded to, this administration — I try not to pat myself too much on the back, but this administration has done more in terms of the security of the state of Israel than any previous administration. And that’s not just our opinion, that’s the opinion of the Israeli government. Whether it’s making sure that our intelligence cooperation is effective, to making sure that we’re able to construct something like an Iron Dome so that we don’t have missiles raining down on Tel Aviv, we have been consistent in insisting that we don’t compromise when it comes to Israel’s security. And that’s not just something I say privately, that’s something that I said in the U.N. General Assembly. And that will continue.

American Jews have shown themselves remarkably faithful in their love affair with Democrats, despite the fact that this recent administration has been the spousal equivalent of a wife beater. Let’s hope that evidence such as Gutman’s remarks — made in antisemitic Belgium of all places — will help more Jews figure out that they’re in an abusive relationship and decide to get the Hell out of it. The true Lefties amongst the Jews will never leave, but maybe the others, the “I vote Democrat because Republicans are antisemites” will start heading for the battered Democratic Jews’ shelter (aka, the Republican Party).