America’s new Secretary of State

America’s old Secretary of State is Hillary Clinton.  Although she still holds the job, Keith Koffler points out that there’s also a new sheriff in town:

In the past couple of months, Biden traveled to Greece, Turkey, and Iraq, held an important call with President Saakashvili of Georgia, met with a Kurdish leader, spoke by video to the London Conference on Cyberspace, led a presidential delegation to Saudi Arabia, participated in hosting the South Korean President, met with the prime minister of Montenegro, and held a session with the deputy prime minister of Russia.

I’m glad to know the vice president is finally having some fun instead of having to run out to the hinterland of the U.S. and declare how happy he is about improvements in the highway connecting Dayton to Cincinnati. But how, exactly, is this new system working?

Do Biden and Hillary Clinton carefully coordinate their actions? Have they sat down to work our some grand strategy for handling the world? Are their staffs on the same page? How is she able to conduct Obama’s foreign policy when Biden has constant access to the president and seems to have the power to make his own?

Mommy, I’m scared.