And yet we’re still surprised when Time Magazine gets it wrong

A lot of people have had a good laugh over the fact that Time Magazine, romanticizing the OWS crowd and the Muslim Brotherhood, named “The Protester” as its person of the year.  A friend of mine, however, has noted something that a lot of people passed over, which is one of Times‘ runner-ups, Admiral McRaven, the man who led the Special Ops team that took bin Laden down (thanks to Obama’s superior leadership, of course).  Says my friend:

Evidence that the editors at TIME magazine have all of their heads implanted firmly in their collective ASSES: their PERSON OF THE YEAR is “The Protester”…and yet somehow Admiral McRaven came in as a “runner up”. Are they out of their damned minds? Do they have any idea what this man has accomplished?? How much he has done for this country?

“The Protestor”? Really? Get off the meta kick you blubbering MORONS (anyone remember when “you” were TIME’s person of the year- with the reflective cover? Or “the American Soldier”). This has really descended into stupidity (they might still be stinging from naming “Hitler” man of the year back in ’38).

Admiral McRaven represents everything that we can be proud of in our military heroes (especially our Navy- had to get that plug in there :-))

“The Protestor” is a meaningless, amorphous, nonsensical piece of meta garbage developed by a room full of people that are more interested in being clever than in actually saying anything of substance.

Well, yes, the protester is indeed “a meaningless, amorphous, nonsensical piece of meta garbage.”  And the choice to give these pooping protesters the crown, while making Admiral McRaven follow behind perfectly illustrates the peculiar inversion of values that governs in the liberal media.

Times’ choice here illustrates what I call a “Eurotrash mindset.”  Eurotrash people are dazzled by fame, and are too dumb to have values.  My grandmother, although she came from a rather stodgy upper class European background, was Eurotrash.  Why?  Because when she sat out WWII in Istanbul, she hung with Nuri Pasha, a member of Turkey’s rich and famous class.  If the name doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t be surprised.  You might not even know Nuri’s more famous brother, Enver.  The historical reality, though, is that Nuri was Enver’s foot soldier, and between the two them, they slaughtered about 1.5 million Armenians.  Enver got the fame and the infamy.  Nuri became a wealthy industrialist.  And my grandmother called him friend.

My grandmother was not an evil woman who rejoiced in Armenian genocide.  What was perhaps worse was that she just didn’t care.  Nuri was rich, well-connected and charming, and that was good enough for her. And for Time Magazine, substance and decency is always going to take second place to razzle dazzle and cheap anti-Western sentiment.