Post Christmas Open Thread

My Mom finally consented to having me take over her finances, which is a very good thing.  She’s still compos mentis, which is a good thing, but she’s struggling more and more with the minutiae of daily life.  Her handwriting is degrading, she can’t find stamps, etc.

I’ve spent the morning wrestling with Quicken and Online banking for her various accounts.  I know that, once it’s all set up, everything will be easy, but setting it up is . . . whew!  One of the things I’ve discovered is that I need to go to her apartment and get more documentation than I currently have.

What helps is that my Mom saw this day coming, so I’m a signatory on all her accounts.  That’s irrelevant in terms of Quicken, of course, since I pay bills on-line, but it means that I can use my own information to sign up, and don’t have to figure out her Social Security and other information.

Anyway, this will all be good when it’s over, but it’s time-consuming now.  I’ve come to a natural stopping point (I haven’t torn out all my hair), so I’m off to the hospital to visit her.  Then to her apartment to get the needed documents, and then back home to try again.  I tell myself I’ll look pretty and edgy when I’m bald….

For those of you who have free time on your hands, enjoy this Open Thread.