Reconciling my Quicken Open Thread

I’ve procrastinated for some time about reconciling my Quicken, but I simply have to get it done.  After all, tax season is around the corner.  It saves a lot of money if I come to my accountant with an immaculately organized Quicken printout accounting for every tax-relevant dollar.

So, I’m laboriously going through, checking off matches, correcting anomalies (somehow there are always anomalies), and generally keeping an eye on the old finances.  This is a task I hate doing.  Some organizing really satisfies my soul.  This does not.

I’m taking a break to have lunch with Don Quixote, which might inspire me to write something not-tax related.  Until I have something to say, though, I hope you all enjoy this Open Thread.

Also, if you feel like it, you can read this post I wrote for PJ Media’s Tatler, about a Facebook story currently exciting many of my liberal friends.