Barack Obama’s deepest thoughts

Back when I was in college, I just laughed myself sick the first time I heard someone say “You can wade through Ronald Reagan’s deepest thoughts without getting your ankles wet.”  That was just so clever, wasn’t it?  Such a perfect distillation of an actor!

I’ve since learned, now that I’m old enough to pay attention to the facts and not the quips, that Ronald Reagan was never shallow.  Liberals, looking into the depths of his mind, mistook the clarity of his thoughts and the purity of his morality — a clarity and purity that allowed one to see things unimpeded by guck, murk, and mire one finds in a dirty pond — for shallowness.

Fast forward thirty years, and Ed Lasky is paying attention to the facts about Obama, facts that are often unwittingly dropped by Obama’s own acolytes and admirers.  These facts (not wishful thinking, but facts) do lead rather inexorably to the quip that one can wade through Barack Obama’s deepest thoughts without getting ones ankles wet.