In honor of Andrew Breitbart, here’s what Progressives think of you

This little bit of propaganda is wending its way through the Progressive side of Facebook:

Let’s deconstruct a little:

Corporations are people:  It’s a legal fiction that seems to elude Democrats.  Corporations are “people” so that they can be forced to pay taxes and so that they can appear in court.  You know, court, where Progressives are constantly suing them.  I’m happy to end corporate personhood, as long as the Left is happy to stop taxing and suing them.

Women who use birth control are sluts.  Women who demand that others pay for $3,000 worth of birth control annually every three years (when there’s good evidence that birth control runs about $140 annually) are clearly trying to profit from sex.  There’s a word for that.  Indeed, there’s an old joke for that:

Man to woman at party:  Hey, darling!  Would you sleep with me for $5,000?

Woman:  Well, aren’t you the generous man!  I think I could fall in love with you.  Meet me at my apartment at 10.

Man:  Okay.  So would you sleep with me for $50?

Woman:  How dare you!  What do you think I am?  A whore?

Man:  We’ve already established what you are.  Now we’re just negotiating the price.

College students are snobs:  What Santorum said is that Obama is being a snob for insisting that everyone become a college student.  Santorum is wrong.  Obama is not being a snob — he’s being a Leftist pragmatist.  College is finishing school for the Left.  After years of hammering away at students in public schools, college is where the Left finally achieves its goal of turning America’s young people into Progressives, ranging from thoughtless sorority girl Progressives to hard-core, take-it-to-the-streets OWSers.  (Incidentally, in answer to a very good question put forward by that rarest of beasts, a conservative Marin native, I think it’s the number of college degrees in Marin County that make it so liberal.)  Having said all that, there is a class divide in America, and it does derive from college education.  Progressive college grads ooze a compassion that is based upon their belief that a government controlled by Progressive college grads is infinitely smarter than all the “little people,” especially the little people of color, who actually work, and who need Big Brother government to care for them.

Gay Americans are an abomination:  If one goes out with a very big microscope, one will find people in the conservative wing of American politics who believe that gays are an abomination.  I think it’s worth pointing out here and now, though, that back in the day when conservativism was ascendent in America’s social world view (say, in the late 50s/early 60s), gays were tolerated as long as they stayed in the closet.  In the Soviet Union, that Progressive haven, they were sent to gulags and worked to death.  In Nazi Germany, a socialist paradise, they were sent to concentration camps and gassed to death.  Just sayin’.  But back to today:  Most conservatives say only that, since time immemorial, marriage has been defined as being between a man and a woman.  For the state to change that definition clashes with traditional religion, and sets up an inevitable First Amendment conflict — kind of the way the HHS mandate that religious institutions pay for birth control to which they are doctrinally opposed created a First Amendment conflict.

Poor people deserve to be poor:  Have you ever heard a conservative say this?  I have heard conservatives say that people are responsible for their choices and that simple economics means that the government safety net cannot be stretched to every single person in America who falls below an arbitrarily designated poverty line.  Conservatives have also pointed out that nothing destroys poverty like a healthy economy, and nothing destroys a healthy economy like a permanent and growing welfare state.  Conservatives believe in their obligation to care for the widows and orphans (and their generous charitable contributions mean that they put their money where their mouths are), but that it destroys both the economy and human character to keep a people in perpetual servitude to the government dole.

Union workers are socialist thugs.  No.  But many socialist thugs are union workers.  Anyone check out SEIU lately?

The unemployed are lazy parasites.  See my point re poor people.

Latinos are illegal until proven otherwise.  This is an outright lie.  Conservatives do believe in enforcing our immigration laws, and think it is a huge mistake to have policies that are an irresistible enticement to those living in dysfunctional, poverty-stricken states south 0f America’s border.  We can’t afford it in the long run, it’s unhealthy for a country to flout its own laws, and we provide an easy way for the corrupt despots of Latin American countries to get rid of their poor.  It’s a bad deal all around and that has nothing to do with animus or prejudice towards Hispanics in America.

The Bible trumps the Constitution.  I think the poster’s author is confusing Republicans with Obama.  It’s Obama who is using his reading of the Bible to justify ignoring the First Amendment so that he can force religious people and organizations to do the government’s bidding.  Last I looked, Republicans revere the Constitution.  Supreme Court Justice (and noted Progressive) Ruth Bader Ginsburg could take lessons from them.

Global warming is a hoax.  Climate change is real.  It’s been real since the Earth’s birth.  Global warming, as more and more documents and scientific data are proving, is a hoax aimed at transferring wealth out of Western nations.

The U.S. auto industry should go bankrupt.  Nope.  The U.S. government should not be in the business of bailing out select industries.  Bankruptcy is often the best thing that can happen to a business, as it allows it to shed bad debt, reorganize, and come out leaner, stronger, and more profitable.  When the U.S. government bails out businesses . . . you get the Volt.

The U.S. president is a Muslim agent from Kenya.  Yes, there are those who believe he is not American born.  Yes, there are those who know, for a fact, that because he was raised Muslim, Muslims consider him one of their own.  Yes, there are those who have noticed his overwhelming political hostility to Israel, and his fawning approach to Muslim nations.  Does this mean he’s a Muslim agent from Kenya?  No.  But it does mean that, with his secretive past and his obvious policy preferences, he’s definitely a pro-Muslim cipher from Liberal-land.