Help a Marine friend out!

Usually, Marines are there to help us.  Today, though, you can help out a Marine — America’s Sergeant Major, who blogs at Castra Praetoria, is in a dead heat at the Milbloggies for best Marine Milblogger.

Mike’s not only a friend of mine, but he runs a wonderful blog, one that is funny, moving (both emotionally and in terms of exercise tips), informed and informative, and just generally a great read.  His is the kind of blog that reminds you that one aspect of America’s greatness is that not all of her best and brightest opt for comfortable government or academic sinecures, with lots of room for easy money, power, and fawning press attention.  There are some who elect to serve our country, often at great risk to themselves, and always in the kind of generally uncomfortable circumstances that would send the average Yuppie screaming for Mommy.

So, go here, scroll down for the “Best U.S. Marine Corps Blog Nominations,” click on the “see nominees” link, and cast your vote for Castra Praetoria.