About those Bookworm Premium ads

I have two different types of ads on my website:  the type that pop up automatically (that would be the Google Ads and those irritating turquoise words) and the ones that people or corporations place deliberately at Bookworm Room (that would be the hyperlink text and “Premium” ads), because they believe that my readers will be interested and because they think I have enough readers to make a difference.

Naturally, I urge you to check out all the ads, because I’m sure that one day those pennies I receive will add up to actual dollars.  If you’re not inclined to spend your precious time (and I’m not being sarcastic about that) clicking on ads, I completely understand.  I actually feel the same when I’m out reading all my favorite blogs, although I will definitely follow through on an ad that intrigues me or that promotes a product that I need at the moment.

If however, you do have a minute or two, think about clicking on the text and “Bookworm Premium” ads.  I’m grateful to those people who have placed their trust in my blog as a potential source for customers, and I’d like them to feel that trust was well placed.

By the way, please don’t feel that I’m pressuring you here or that I can track whether you actually click on ads.  The text and Premium ads are prepaid, so I have no idea if anyone clicks through and it doesn’t affect the money I’ve already received from the advertisers.  As for the other ads, I’m current getting dollars and cents, with emphasis on the cents, but I actually have no idea who clicks through, or how many people do click.

Finally, while I’m talking about filthy lucre (even we capitalists can be embarrassed to go about begging, cap in hand), you should always feel free to toodle over to the Tip Jar in the upper right corner of my blog, and click on that nice, big “donate” button.  I’m not proud, and am grateful for any amount of money you think my blog is worth.