President Obama: “He’s sexy and the media knows it”

The media is back to trying to sex the President up.  Despite three and a half years of governing ranging from inept, to embarrassing, to Bush-era replays, the President has been anything but cool.  With another election coming up, however, the President’s friends in the media are doing whatever they can to snag the flagging youth vote by reminding young ‘uns that they can vote for the cool dude or for the guy who reminds them of their own father.

Given the way the little chickadees are rushing back home now that the big cruel world has rejected them, I’m thinking that they might be looking for a father figure in the political world, rather than the cool dude who got them drunk and then abandoned them on the sidewalk the next morning.  Nevertheless, the media is pretty sure that the nation’s unemployed youth are ready for another four year long government binge.

The Anchoress points out the obvious, which is that having to remind everyone all the time that you or your friends are cool is the antithesis of cool.  If you’re truly cool, it goes without saying.

As for me, in honor of our cool, sexy President (and doesn’t he know it), I’ve got an appropriate video: