A new pro-Romney site to watch

Rusty Shackleford, the scourge of Jihadists on the internet (no exaggeration), has started a new site:  Believe in American (aka Blogs4Mitt.com).  It’s still a little embryonic, but it’s absolutely the right idea.  The old media is teetering on the brink, while the new media is becoming ascendant.  BUT, the old media still has a great deal of reach, and it has the ferocity of an animal at bay.  The new media, to be effective, must consolidate its energies.  A site for the Army of Davids (decently pajama-clad of course) to post about Mitt’s virtues vis a vis Obama’s failings, is a necessary part of the war to break the MSM’s stranglehold on the free flow of information.