The Watcher’s Council has advice for Governor Romney

Yesterday I wrote a ridiculously long post comparing Romney and Obama to Ward Cleaver and Eddie Haskell respectively.  Many people had nice things to say about it but, in terms of garnering hits, it’s sunk like a stone.  Go figure!

I mention it now because the genesis for that post was the fact that the Watchers asked all the Council members to contribute a paragraph with advice to Romney for the upcoming campaign season.  In that paragraph, which I wrote several days ago, I said:

It’s easier to say what Romney should not do. He should not try to out cool Obama. Trying to be ‘hip’ will not work, both because it’s not part of his natural persona and because the media will savage him. Romney should cultivate a pater familias demeanor. We already know Obama is Eddie Haskell, the cool hustler who invariably gets you into trouble. Romney needs to project himself as Ward Cleaver, the wise parent who comes to the rescue after Eddie has done his dirty work.It’s a role that Romney is well suited to play, as long as he avoids condescension.

I wasn’t the only one chiming in.  Please check out the Watchers’ site to see what other practical, helpful advice Council members, all of whom pay close attention to the news of the day, and all of whom would like to see Romney win, have to say.