Red State vacations?

Regular Bookworm Room readers know that we travel a lot.  Mr. Bookworm inclines towards Europe, while I hew to the good ol’ U.S. of A.

While having lunch with Don Quixote today, I said that I’d love to take the kids Boston (which I’ve been to once and they’ve never been to), New York (once for me, twice for the kids), Philadelphia (kids and I have each been once), and Washington, D.C. (once before).  Listening to my list, DQ pondered “Where would you go for a Red State vacation?”

That was a very good question.  The major tourist cities, including my own San Francisco, are bright blue.  When I think of red states, I have a hard time bringing to mind a major tourist destination other than national parks. I love national parks, but is there some Red State destination that is redolent of conservative American values?

So — If you were tasked with planning a two-week family vacation, either by plane or by car, that gave the kids a good taste of Red State America, what itinerary would you choose?