Obama again mangles English

For a supposedly great orator, Obama certainly has a strained relationship with the English language:

A Marion, Iowa, man who has been a popular performer at Republican events attended President Obama’s rally on the Kirkwood Community College campus yesterday.

Lance Mack wore a dark suit and a tall, stove-pipe hat to the event — and the president singled Mack out for a shout out.

“Abraham Lincoln is in the house,” Obama said.

Mack is tall, skinny and looks very much like the nation’s 16th president. Obama joked that Mack’s presence was a signal Lincoln supported his bid for reelection.

“My homeboy from Illinois,” Obama said, “and an outstanding Republican endorsee [sic].”

I presume Obama intended to say that Abe was endorsing Obama, rather than what he actually did say, which is that Obama is endorsing Abe.  It appears, therefore, that our Columbia- and Harvard-educated president doesn’t know the difference between one who endorses (that is, an “endorser”) and one who receives an endorsement (that is, an “endorsee”).  “Endorsee” is admittedly a colloquialism in this context, but even colloquialisms deserve proper usage.