At least for today, we don’t have to worry about whether Mitt Romney will come out swinging

The most recent ad from the Romney campaign reminds us that, during the primary, Romney was willing to fight.  This is a fighting ad:

I have no idea whether this ad gets viewed only by those of us who have already made up our minds in Romney’s favor, or if Romney has the funds and the venues to give an ad such as this one wider play. I certainly hope the latter. To the extent it’s repeated within the echo chamber, it’s reassuring that he’s willing to be tough, but toughness matters only if Romney can break through the MSM imposed cone of silence.

One more thing apropos the fascinating comments thread about Romney’s willingness to fight. This ad reminds us that there are two types of fighters: vicious and strong. Obama exemplifies the former. Romney can only win if he mans up and becomes the latter — he’s got to fight and fight really hard. And he’s got to counter every illegal low blow with a whompin’ big, totally legal, head shot.

Ooh! One more thing while I’m on the subject of fighting metaphors. There’s been a big hoo-ha amongst conservatives about a Florida ad showing Allen West wearing boxing gloves and punching old white people and black families. West is correct that it’s “classless” and “reprehensible” to the extent that it shows him hitting old people. Those who cry “racist,” though, should step back a little. The fact is that West does advertise himself as a fighter, so it’s perfectly reasonable to use a fight metaphor for a campaign ad.