The heck with conventional wisdom: this is a different kind of election

Seniors will hate Ryan, we’re told, because he’s going to destroy their Medicare (never mind that this isn’t true).

Young people will hate Romney and Ryan, we’re told, because they’re uncool white men, who want to destroy all the entitlements this generation has grown up expecting.


Except today I was standing in line at the pharmacy, and the elderly patient getting her prescription filled and the young (late 20s) Hispanic pharmacy clerk filling that prescription were having a spirited conversation, with both vehemently agreeing that the status quo is a disaster and that Romney and Ryan are the last, best hope to fix it.  My position in line meant that I missed most of the conversation, but I definitely heard, “Look at what’s happened to the price of gas in the last three years” (that was the clerk) and “There won’t be anything left for my grandchildren” (that was the elderly lady).

This is a different kind of election, and I think conventional wisdom is as behind the times as the CIA was in 1989.