Help Megan Fox get a chance at talk radio

Megan Fox is a frequent contributor to PJ Media:  She’s a great, thoughtful writer who brings (dare I say it?) a domestic touch to conservative blogging.  That is, her interests aren’t just political, but also revolve around family and even crafts.  I have the pleasure of being on an email list with her and like her a lot.  I just got an email from her asking that her friends and admirers vote for her to get a chance to have a 2 hour talk show on WLS-AM, the biggest station in Chicago.  Unfortunately, the time for you to vote is short, as the deadline is tonight.  If you can, and if you’d like to, please go here, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and cast your vote.  You can read more about Megan here and listen to her sample show here.