I’m not sure that those demanding government efficiency had this in mind

One of the things that unites conservatives is an abiding dislike of government inefficiency. Government is just about the only entity that can take two of your dollars (not two of its dollars, but two of yours) and then make them do the work of one, or maybe none. Every government project seems to be a vast sinkhole, sucking money up with little return on investment.

Well, word is out that the Obama government finally did something efficient, insofar as it got double bang for its buck. Yes, the Obama administration managed to take taxpayer money and both fund the instantly bankrupt Solyndra and channel money into an arts project:

The missing Solyndra tubes have finally turned up — in a modern art exhibit at U.C. Berkeley:

One of the great mysteries of the 2011 Solyndra bankruptcy was: What happened to all that money? After the United States government “loaned” Solyndra $535 million, the money quickly vanished; the bankruptcy court later found that the company had essentially no cash on hand. They had spent it all on equipment and inventory.

Zombie uncovered that mystery simply by going to the museum.

Far be in from me to criticize even a modicum of government efficiency, but I wonder how many Americans are going to feel good about the fact that their hard-earned money was wasted, not once, but twice.