The Obama campaign — it’s not innovative, it’s pathetic and deeply disrespectful to the American people

I got an email from Joe Biden yesterday, as did a gazillion other people.  It was pretty much identical to the daily emails that the Obama campaign has been sending me, but there was one phrase that struck me in this one, which I’ve highlighted:

We’ve run a lot of contests on this campaign, but you should pay special attention to this one.

Here are three reasons why: The winner gets to go to the Democratic National Convention, meet the President, AND spend time with the First Lady.

Chip in $3 or whatever you can to be automatically entered for a chance to meet her — and her husband — in Charlotte.

In addition to sitting up front with the First Lady as President Obama accepts the Democratic nomination for president, the lucky winner and a guest will get airfare, a hotel room, and VIP tickets to all three days of the convention.

You should give it a shot — chip in $3 or whatever you can to be automatically entered:

Good luck!


P.S. — Every time you donate in the next 78 days, you are getting us that much closer to a win on Election Day. It’s closer than you think. Chip in today.

Yeah, they sure have run a lot of contests.  Send twenty-five dollars for a chance to win dinner with Barry.  Send ten dollars for a chance to win dinner with Michelle.  Send five dollars for a chance to sit in the back room of some party hosted by a New York fashionista.  Send three dollars to sit in the back of some Hollywood shindig. The product remains the same — meet famous Democrats — but the price keeps dropping, which is what’s going to happen in a real marketplace when you’re selling a product no one wants.

The first contest had the gloss of being vaguely innovative.  By the second and all subsequent iterations, it became very clear that this is what a campaign is reduced to when it is utterly out of ideas, promises, and accomplishments.  The Obama campaign’s raffle approach now has the same desperation, tinged with boredom, as the scam artist who approaches you in the grocery store parking lot frayed paper raffle book in hand.

Those emails that don’t beg for raffle money are just as empty.  Instead of touting Obama, they demonize Republicans, not with facts, but simply with vague, cartoonish attacks.  Or, as Good Ole Joe wrote me last week:

Starting now, we can expect even more wealthy, right-wing ideologues lining up to support the Romney-Ryan ticket.

Or, reduced to its actual meaning:  “Nyah!  Nyah!  Ya mudda wears trousers!”

As Bill Whittle said in the video posted immediately below, we are standing on the cliff’s edge now, and Paul Ryan is the only politician in America who has (a) acknowledged the abyss before us and (b) come up with a serious plan that edges us back slightly from complete destruction.  Meanwhile, Obama’s campaign raffles off dinner and hurls insults.  Republicans are the ones who cry foul over those insults, which is right and proper, but they’re not even the ones getting the brunt of this “innovative” fundraising.

The people who are being insulted by this utterly vapid campaign are the American people, who are being treated as mindless idiots. After all, in the old days, Tammany Hall politicians bought votes by giving people actual dinners.  In the new days, we’ve been dumbed-down so much that politicians can buy votes merely by offering the possibility of a dinner.

All I can say is that, if Obama wins in November, he will have been proven correct.  Not correct about the economy, which will make Greece look like a blip on the world’s economic map, but correct that the American people really are mindless idiots.