Afghan troops kill because of Ramazan induced PMS

In the last two weeks, Afghan forces under American mentorship have killed ten NATO troops.  Now, you and I might think this is because we are at war with Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, and these enemy forces have had their agents infiltrate the ostensibly American-friendly Afghan forces.  In other words, our guys have been killed by secret agents for their guys, a nasty tactic completely consistent with traditional warfare.

You are just so naive if you think that.  You seem to have forgotten that, in Obama’s America, it’s always our fault.  You see, we just haven’t been sensitive enough to the Afghan troops’ monthly needs.  It’s kind of like their suffering from a massive, cultural PMS attack (emphasis mine):

General John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, said he still doesn’t know why at least 10 NATO troops have died in the last two weeks at the hands of the Afghan forces they mentor. He suspects it may have something to do with asking those Afghans to perform dangerous operations during the recent Muslim holy month. Maybe.


During the past several weeks, Afghan forces have turned their guns on the U.S. troops that mentor them with increasing frequency. The Afghan troops have killed at least 40 U.S. and allied forces this year, the most since the war began, and Karzai’s government insists the blame lies with Pakistani infiltrators, not Afghans themselves. Allen diplomatically said he was “looking forward to the Afghans providing us with the intelligence” they’re using to reach that conclusion.

But beyond that, Allen said his staff was still studying why the attacks have increased. One possible contributing factor: the holy month of Ramazan, which most of the Muslim world calls Ramadan. Although Ramazan is an annual event, it doesn’t occur at the same time annually on the western calendar, and this year it fell during the summer fighting season. The “daily pressures” of war and the “sacrifices associated with fasting,” especially with a larger and newer force of Afghan recruits, may have contributed to some Afghan forces snapping.

I hope that the General is playing a deep game, one that involves publicly placating our nominal Afghan allies while, behind the scenes, going Hell for leather after the bad guys.  If he’s not, I think we may as well leave Afghanistan immediately, before we accidentally hurt any more Afghani feelings.  If this is truly the attitude coming from the top echelons of America’s military, our troops are being turned into shameful sacrifices to political correctness.  After all, you can’t fight an enemy if you’re too scared, ignorant, or politically whipped to name that enemy.