Will this advertisement help change Jews’ minds?

God said of the Jews that they are a stiff-necked (or stubborn)  people.  They certainly are when it comes to their allegiance to the Democrat party.  Despite three and a half years of manifest Obama hostility to Israel, the vast majority of American Jews still support him.

I can actually understand this attitude when it comes to the younger ones, because they’ve come of age during the demonization of Israel.  With that as the zeitgeist at college campuses around America, it’s not surprising that they see nothing wrong with treating Israel as a pariah nation that must be taught a lesson.  The older generation — the Florida generation — should know better.  These are people who witnessed the Holocaust, the birth of Israel, and the Arab wars seeking to destroy Israel.  These Jews are the ones who have always been the heart and soul of Jewish support for Israel.

But still, they are a stiff-necked people.  The Emergency Committee for Israel is trying to break through the stubbornness with a hard-hitting ad.  Do you think this ad, or ads similar to this one, will do the trick?