A funny joke we hope never comes true

We talk a lot here about the way our children are indoctrinated.  They’re not alone.  Everyone who touches government gets indoctrinated. Here’s a funny look at what could happen:

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – The anti-American protests spreading throughout the Islamic world over an anti-Muslim film took a startling turn today when the Marine Security Detachment at the U.S. Embassy in Malaysia decided to burn down their own embassy.

“Wow, that movie was really offensive,” sobbed Corporal John Webb from Stockton, California, after he smashed the windows of the gatehouse he normally guards.  “We have to take a stand – a stand so loud and angry that no one will ever make something like this again!”

The detachment had recently attended a mandatory two-day culture class required for all Marines deploying to Muslim-majority countries, entitled “Islam: A Peaceably Peaceful Religion of Peace”, sponsored by the Center for Advanced Operational Cultural Learning (CAOCL).

That’s just the set-up.  Read the rest here.