“We Are Hungry” video; and is Fun.’s “Some Nights” a pro-life song?

How can I not show the “We Are Hungry” video that’s making the rounds?  I have to:

You probably recognize that the song the video parodies is Fun.’s “We Are Young.” I really liked that song.

Fun. n0w has a new song out that I find equally appealing.  It’s called “Some Nights.” The video is a peculiar mish-mash of Civil War battle scenes that don’t seem to me to have anything at all to do with the song’s lyrics.

The song’s lyrics are pretty mysterious. Nevertheless, I keep getting caught by the last stanza which — forgive me for me overreaching here — seems to strike a blow at young people’s abortion culture. Here’s the video:

If you missed it, at the end of a song about how meaningless life is, you get this stanza:

My heart is breaking for my sister and the con that she called “love”
Man when I look into my nephew’s eyes…
Man, you wouldn’t believe the most amazing things that can come from…
Some terrible lies…

I don’t know, but I see that as very life affirming.  No matter that he (whoever “he” is) lied to get her in bed, the child that results is a miracle….