I don’t get it. What happened yesterday makes no sense.

I feel stupid this morning.  I don’t get what the American people did.

The economy has barely improved since Obama took office, so they reelected him.

Unemployment is at the same heights as when Obama took office, so they reelected him.

Fuel prices are at an all time high under Obama, so they reelected him.

Our enemies abroad (Iran, Afghanistan, dispersed Islamists, Russia, etc.) are more hostile now than they were when Obama took office, so they reelected him.

Racial tension in our country has increased since Obama took office, so they reelected him.

Our borders are as porous as they were when Obama took office, so they reelected him.

The number of people on welfare and food stamp rolls has increased dramatically since Obama took office, so they reelected him.

Obama added $4 trillion to the national debt, more than all other presidents combined, so they reelected him.

People in New York and New Jersey are still incapacitated by Sandy, and without Obama’s much-vaunted federal help, so they reelected him.

ObamaCare’s unpopularity has never dropped below at least 50%, so they reelected him.

What am I missing about the American psyche?  What makes it reasonable for a President with a record that, under normal circumstances, would be graded a failure to get reelected?  Have we become France, which elected by wide margins a socialist president who was guaranteed to take a damaged economy and drive it into the ground?

I couldn’t predict what the American people would do, but I do have some predictions about the next four years of Obama’s presidency:

Iran will go nuclear.

Israel will be further isolated.

All carbon-based fuel prices will increase dramatically, raising the costs of everything.

Inflation will finally hit, profoundly damaging people’s life savings, and driving employment down.

The military will shrink to 1917 levels.

The administration (which will own the Supreme Court), will undercut the Second Amendment

Benghazi will get swept under the rug, because the House on its on won’t be strong enough to make it an issue.  Same for all other investigations into Obama’s government.

ObamaCare will go fully into effect, increasing costs for private insurance holders, making it more expensive to run a business, driving more employers to offer only part-time employment, increasing business costs, and ensuring more and more government panels deciding what kind of healthcare Americans can receive.

An Obama court will determine that there is nothing unconstitutional about having religious people and organizations pay for birth control, abortions, sterilizations, etc.

Gay marriage will be legalized as a full civil right, rather than (my choice) making all unions presided over by a government entity “civil unions.”  (All — male and female, female and female, male and male.)  My idea leaves “marriage” as a uniquely religious institution, untouched by government.  Under happen marriage will continue as both a civil and a religious institution, only that the government definition will expand to same-sex marriages.  For this reason, making gay marriage legal will lead to an ugly confrontation between church and state, when a gay couple sues a church for refusing to marry it.

As our military weakens, there will be a major Islamist attack against Americans.  Sorry, but it’s going to happen.