Stay with the Republicans or start anew?

MikeD makes the perfectly legitimate point that there is a difference between party and philosophy.  However, one party, the Democrat party, is dominated by people who do not share our conservative philosophy, so is not a viable home for that philosophy.  That leaves us with a choice of working through the other party or forming a new, third party.  The worst thing we can do is split our efforts, with some conservatives seeing the Republican party as the only viable option and others giving up on the established parties and starting fresh.


Certainly, we need a little time to recover from this election and regain our footing.  But we should address this issue sooner rather than later.  It takes time to build a machine to rival the one that the left has built over the years.  Competing machines, inside and outside of the Republican party, will ensure our losses will continue.  Personally, I’m inclined to work within the existing framework.  But I believe this is a discussion we need to have. So, in or out?