If you like breaded cod, you have got to try this

I don’t eat fish as often as I should.  I don’t particularly like fish’s taste and I hate handling fish.  I have a very sensitive nose and that smell on my fingers drives me bonkers.  My husband, however, does like fish and so, when he shops at Costco, he occasionally brings home frozen breaded cod, of the fish-and-chips variety.  These fish sticks are certainly easy to make:  heat up the toaster oven, put them in, turn them over once, and eat.  The problem is that they have a lot of grease in them and they taste fishy.  Ick and ick.

The last time he went to Costco, though, my husband came home with something new:  Okains Bay Breaded Cod.  Even though we’re a family of four, I put only six small pieces in the toaster oven.  I figured I’d choke down one, my kids might eat up to a half of one, and my husband would eat one or two.  Then, the dog would either eat or reject the rest.  We always have leftovers.

Tonight, my husband and I fought over the six I prepared, and sneered at the kids’ unwillingness to try this breaded cod.  It was, without doubt, the best breaded cod I’ve ever had, any time, any where.  It may also have been the best fish dish I’ve ever had, although a well-prepared filet of sole always goes down well.

Usually, if you hear me kvelling about food, I’m talking about chocolate (mousse, ice cream, chips), creme brulee, or yogurt (these are my two favorites).  For me to be in blogging mode about breaded fish, of all things, tells you something about how wonderful it was.  If you like to eat breaded cod, but don’t like to prepare it yourself, and if you find yourself staring at some Okains Bay’ cod in your market’s freezer section, buy it!  It is divine.