Happy Thanksgiving!

I have to admit that having Obama for another four years in the White House, having Harry Reid serve as Majority Leader for another two to four years (at least) in the Senate, and having Israel poised on the brink of a major war with another Iranian proxy, doesn’t give me that warm, comfy feeling that I’d like for Thanksgiving.

Having said that, there is still so much for which I am thankful, ranging from the micro (my own life) to the macro (the world outside my home).

Starting small, I’m thankful for my family, including both family by blood and by marriage; for my friends in the “real” and the cyber worlds; for my health; for my dog who is a daily delight to me; for my lovely home; ; and for the delightful community in which I live. These people may have gotten the wrong end of the political stick, but they are still fine human beings.  I wish for them the blessing of an open mind.

And going big, I’m thankful that America, although a bit wobbly now, is still the land of the free and the home of the brave.  I’m thankful that Israel has an Iron Dome system and that she, unlike her enemies, believes that innocent lives are not cannon fodder.  I’m thankful that we have the best military in the world, not just because it is well armed, but because it is well staffed, with courageous men and women who willing undergo the rigors of training and service to help defend America.

We know that eight years of President Obama will change this country, but I’m also thankful for a Constitution that may work to prevent the “fundamental transformation” of a country that has been a shining beacon for so long.  I haven’t given up hope yet and the mere fact that all of you come here means that you haven’t either.  We still have a lot for which to be thankful, and many reasons for hope.

Happy Thanksgiving!