A long list of interesting stuff

I wasn’t kidding when I said family is keeping me on the guy — family and work on a new project that has the potential to be at least somewhat remunerative.  The new project requires that I master PowerPoint, a program with which I have only the most glancing acquaintance.  Fortunately, there’s a wealth of informative material on the internet — including Microsoft’s own website — so I’m busy learning all about animations and fades.

Meanwhile, between kids and learning, I’ve been reading some very interesting stuff.  In no particular order:

Rhymes with Right comments on the media’s peculiar silence when it comes to the late Sen. Inouye’s replacement.  (And yes, I’m being sarcastic.  There’s nothing at all peculiar about the media’s silence.)

Is it wrong for me to love a man I’ve never met and about whom I know nothing other than his ability to organize data logically?  Nah.  It can’t be wrong.  Every person who’s driven by data, rather than emotion, has to love the data compilation Randall Hoven published showing a very strong correlation between guns and individual safety.

Speaking of guns, Jonathan Tobin makes the very good point that, by demonizing gun owners, the gun control crowd is making rational debate impossible.  Of course, that’s not a bug, that’s a fixture, since rational debate militates against gun control.

Dianne Feinstein’s proposed bill is Exhibit A for the case that Dems don’t want debate; they just want to overturn the Second Amendment without bothering with the constitutional amendment process.  (More here on Feinstein’s bill.)  This is, of course, the same Feinstein who thinks she’s entitled to carry a gun for self-defense.  It’s just you little people who can’t be trusted.

Egypt has gone sharia.  Libya is de facto sharia.  Syria is imminently sharia.  Is it any surprise that Obama’s best friend, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is planning on turning Turkey in a sharia state too?  No surprise here.

The media has worked it’s magic, and the majority of Americans are primed to blame the Republicans if the country slides further down the fiscal cliff.  Mitch McConnell is trying to fight back, but I doubt he’ll have any success.

Last I heard, Wendy Kaminer was a Democrat.  I have no idea why, since she’s one smart cookie, who understands the First Amendment as well as the decay of the American spirit.

Michael Ramirez gets to the root of evil — and it’s not guns.

If you’d like smug media talking head David Gregory to get into trouble for violating Washington, D.C.’s gun laws, good luck with that.  However, if you’d at least like to make his willful violation of those gun laws something of a cause célèbre, you can sign this “We the People” petition.

Would you like to add anything?  I’ve labeled this as an Open Thread.