A new forum for conservative thinkers

Lots of conservatives are realizing that the media is more, not less, powerful now that it’s abandoned its pretend objectivity and become blatantly partisan.  Rather than running away, voters gobbled up the media message.  Frankly, I don’t get it, but that’s why I’m not a master of advertising and manipulation.

In response to the realization that conservatives are no longer even allowed in the media as tokens, more conservatives are using the internet to set up alternative forums.  One of these, which is still in Beta form, is Pollis, which is a social network that aims to connect bloggers and readers.  As a blogger who is always looking for readers, I find idea intriguing.  So I signed up.

I also liked the idea of Pollis because it’s using incentives to get bloggers to come on board — and to bring their existing readers with them.  I’m a big fan of incentives.  As a blogger, I’ve been assigned a unique code:  A1B93EF3. If you decide to enroll in Pollis, and if you use this unique code when you register, you and I both get submitted into a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card.  This is a good deal for me.  The more of you that sign up, the greater my chance of winning.  It’s not such a good deal for you, because the more of you that sign up, each of you has a smaller chance of winning.  Sadly, life is not fair.

Gift cards aside, I strongly believe in anything that allows conservatives to create vibrant intellectual forums.  We’re going to need them in the coming years.