Military man schools woman who says rape can be prevented by teaching men not to rape

I posted here about a Zerlina Maxwell, a Democrat strategist who told Sean Hannity that weapons don’t prevent rape, words prevent rape.  According to her, the best way to prevent rape is to teach men not to do so.  Arming women is unnecessary.  Their power rests in the word “No.”

America’s Sargeant Major saw the same video.  Normally, he wouldn’t comment on this type of thing, because concealed carry is a hot topic issue in many states now.  Being assiduously apolitical, the Sargeant Major leaves such topics alone.

What changed his mind about writing a post taking on Maxwell’s argument is that she wrapped it up by saying ““If firearms were the answer, then the military would be the safest place for women and it’s not.”  This is a purely factual statement and, moreover, one about the military, a subject well within the Sargeant Major’s purview.

The Sargeant Major’s marvelous post explaining to Maxwell how the military actually operates — when it comes to controlling the guns in its midst and when it comes to teaching troops to avoid dangerous or illegal activity — is here.  Read it.  You’ll like it.