About Bloomberg’s coalition of mayors, the group that wants to grab your guns

I blogged at Mr. Conservative about hypocritical gun-grabbing politicians.  There, I noted that one of the mayors excited about the program is a former police officer who believes in concealed carry — for himself.  What others have noticed is that a lot of the mayors, and other Progressive government types, who are trying to round-up the usual suspects (law-abiding citizens who don’t take lightly to having their constitutional rights infringed) probably have somewhat more mixed motives for trying to nab guns from their fellow towns people — it turns out that lots of these politicians have criminal backgrounds and would be hard pressed to pass their own background checks.

Then, on Facebook, one of my conservative friends posted this handy-dandy chart.  Please note that these guys and gals aren’t just guilty of parking tickets — Mayor Bloomberg’s cohort has committed some very serious crimes.  I haven’t studied them, but what do you bet that they’re all Democrats?

Gun grabbing mayors with records