Drudge editor says that there’s another major scandal lurking

In an earlier post, I put forth my theory that most scandals affect only political players, so people get excited only if the media stirs up excitement.  The IRS scandal is different, because it affects all of us but, like Pavlov’s dogs, we’re still trained only to get excited if the media tells us to.  So, even though Americans should care, they don’t.

According to Joseph Curl, a Drudge editor, there’s another scandal in the wings, and it’s a biggie:

Big Obama scandal in the wings

Which leads me to wonder whether what kind of scandal it is:  Is it a biggie to insider players, so it will matter only if the media makes it matter?  Is it a biggie to the public, but they won’t appreciate it if the media tells them to ignore it?  Or is it so big that the media will be helpless to stop it?