Wednesday link-fest

I don’t have any essay-length thoughts today.  All day long I’ve been assembling articles that I found interesting, but none have led me to write a post.  Instead, I’ll simply share those articles with you.  The Wall Street Journal articles might be behind a pay wall.  Because I subscribe, I can’t tell without signing out first, and I’m too lazy to do that.

I like John Podhoretz’s analysis of Obama’s leadership style, which boils down to “I’m in charge here, except to those policies I don’t like, which are someone else’s fault and over which I — despite my vast executive powers — have no control.”

Obama unilaterally declared America’s inchoate “War on Terrorism” (a tactic, not an enemy) over.  Jonah Goldberg explains as only he can why one person or country can’t unilaterally end a war.

Jack Dunphy explains what could have happened in Boston to prevent a terrorism attack — and then explains why, in Obama’s America, it never will happen that way.

The media lies to advance its Leftist agenda.  That’s just a fact.

I hated The Color Purple.  I don’t remember at this distance in time why, but I do recall finding it badly written, maudlin, misanthropic, and generally distasteful.  That’s why I’m not surprised to learn that Alice Walker is a hard-core antisemite.

The Wall Street Journal hasn’t lost sight of the fact that the Obama administration didn’t just go after conservative groups.  It also went after pro-Israel groups.  Rick Richman thinks he might know how that started . . . and it’s not pretty.

Daniel Henninger looks at Obama’s muddled, down-hearted, defeatist war rhetoric.  You cannot win a war with this type of commander, and that’s true no matter how good your troops and equipment.  If your leader wants to lose, you lose.

Victor Davis Hanson uses Syria as a fascinating starting point for a look at the wars that become inhumanely savage, as opposed to limiting themselves to ordinary killing.

Zombie makes an unusual, but fascinating, argument claiming that Karl Marx advanced a doctrine that can be used to support Tea Party goals.

Obama lied:  you will lose your health insurance.  We knew that would happen, but there are going to be a lot of surprised Americans out there this fall.

Mitch McConnell has a very good advertisement: