A few quick links to round out the week

NBC News hires a new President who has a long history of Israel bashing.

Lots of information on the way Obama’s IRS targeted pro-Israel groups that disagreed with Obama’s Middle East approach.

Obama promises to ride “climate change deniers” hard.  Apparently Obama has missed out on reports that anthropogenic climate change just isn’t happening.

All shrieks about Islamophobia notwithstanding, Dennis Prager’s must-read article reminds us who the real victims (and the real killers) are.

Robert Stacy McCain’s report on the new gay poster child is also a must-read.  It’s not a gay-bashing post.  Instead, it’s much more important, because it focuses on the stealth pedophilia that is becoming part of the gay rights movement.  As you read it, don’t forget that the winning film at Cannes involved a teenage girl seduced by an adult woman.

I’ve quoted my cousin often here about Islam attracting criminals because it puts a religious imprimatur on their violent conduct.  Theodore Dalrymple says the same.

Charles Krauthammer points out, as only he can, that Obama was even more meaningless, fatuous, and historically stupid than usual when he unilaterally declared that we’re no longer at war with Islamist terrorists.

So far, I still really, really, really like Ted Cruz.  Check out his take on immigration.

Consider this an Open Thread, please.