If you’re wondering where I am….

I’m still here.  I just don’t know what to say.  Between the endless cascade of scandals (which a part of my brain thinks the Obama administration is creating on purpose, in a kind of Cloward-Piven scandal strategy), caring for my children during finals week, caring for my mother, physical therapy for my body’s premature decomposition, working at Mr. Conservative, and just trying to fun the household and keep my head above water generally, I’m having a hard time getting animated about any one thing — proving, I guess, that Cloward-Piven works.

Tomorrow promises to be a less fraught day, so I cherish high hopes that I’ll be able to spend some time not just reading but thinking.  Sucking in the information is useless if I can’t process it.  I live for those magical “A ha!” moments and lately I;ve been too tired and overwhelmed to generate the brain electricity necessary to have one.

Please forgive me.  Writing for and being able to converse with all of you is one of the great pleasures in my life, so don’t give up on me quite yet.  A good night’s sleep and just a small window of time will be enough to get me through to . . . well, I don’t know to what, but I hope it’s something I can write about with a modicum of intelligence.

In the meantime, please treat this as an Open Thread (I first typed “Open Threat,” which shows where my mind is going).  The one good thing I always know is that, even if I am fallow, you are not.