Travel as torture

Airplane squeeze

I’ll be leaving next week for the annual big summer vacation.  As someone who is a homebody, I’m never that thrilled by these sojourns, but we will be traveling on a ship for most of the trip, which means that I’ll get some vacation too:  they’ll feed me, clean my room, and do my laundry.  To me, that’s a pretty damn good vacation right there, even if I don’t go anywhere at all.

I’ll try to post as I travel, but internet connections are rare and expensive, so I can’t make any promises.  I’m hoping that those of my friends who have posting privileges take advantage of my absence to write (hint, hint!).  Also, I’ll try to have Open Threads available, so that you all can share your knowledge and insights.

But about the trip — we have to fly to our ship’s starting port.  I hate flying.  You can explain the science of flight to me until you’re blue in the face, but I can never forget that I’m 30,000 feet up there, and that it’s a long way down.  Being claustrophobic doesn’t help either.  And as to that point, Victor Davis Hanson totally gets it.