Is ObamaCare imploding? If only.

Frankenstein's Monster

Yuval Levin has the best summary I’ve seen about the implications of the administration’s decision to delay ObamaCare’s implementation until after the 2014 election.  Jonathan Tobin also adds his bit to the ramifications of the administration’s sneaky pre-holiday announcement.  Keith Koffler, too, has a good analysis of the delay’s effect on Democrats.  The delay does two things:  it buys the Democrats time and it reveals with ever greater clarity the deep, fundamental flaws in the law.

With regard to the latter, it would be nice to think that the Dems will finally admit that ObamaCare needs so many changes that the best way to repair the law is to repeal it and start anew.  I’m absolutely certain, though, that this will not happen.

My suspicion is that ObamaCare will limp along like Hollywood’s version of Frankenstein’s monster, with grotesquely misshapen, cobbled-together parts, ugly seams, minimal function, and a destructive impulse driving it.  Even as it proves to be a manifest failure, the Democrats will not let it die.  Instead, they’ll contentedly watch it wreaking havoc and then blame Republicans, to loud huzzahs from the drive-by media.