A Jewish, conservative review of World War Z, plus a little about my upcoming trip

My friend who blogs at “To Put It Bluntly,” has some things to say about World War Z.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m too busy today to read what he has to say, but I trust him. I know that he’s incredibly intelligent and a good writer, so whether or not he likes the movie, it’s going to be a post worth reading.

I heard you ask — “Why are you so busy?”  It’s summer and that means vacation time.  I’m locking the computer away from the house-sitter, so I won’t be trolling the net at all.  (Some people lock away their alcohol; I lock away my computer.  Heh.)  We’re off to Europe, where I’ll have only the most limited internet connection.

I’ve become more amenable to these Europe trips lately (despite the fact that I got the travel bug out of my system in my 20s) because I fear that there won’t be much Europe left for my kids to see in twenty or so years.  The land will still be there, of course, but I think the character will have changed to the point where Americans and Jews — or American Jews — may not be welcome any longer.

I’m also looking forward to the trip because I’m so gosh-darned tired.  I’ve worked 12 to 16 hours a day since March, when I started writing for Mr. Conservative.  I’m not complaining about the work.  It’s been an interesting gig, and I very strongly believe in that site’s potential.  Still, working on that seven days a week, more than full time, while running the household as the full-time home manager has left me frayed around the edges.  You’ve certainly seen a diminution in my output here, although it’s not all attributable to Mr. Conservative.  Some of it is simply because I’m very disheartened about the first six months of Obama’s second term.  Right up until the election, there was the chance that Romney might win, despite apathy, lies, and fraud.  Now, I’m very, very worried about the damage Obama will do, not just to America, but to the world over the remaining three and a half years.

So, I need to recharge my batteries and maybe getting away from the news, instead of drowning in it, will help refresh me and take the edge of this despair I feel.

The site will still be active while I’m gone.  Although Don Quixote is reveling in every second of his retirement, he has promised to post occasionally.  I’ll also send updates from Northern Europe.  I’ll be in some interesting places, including St. Petersburg, and I bet I’ll have a lot to say about the state of modern Europe.  The fact that I’ll have only the most superficial visits to the place certainly won’t stop me from having strong opinions.

Also, I’ve begged a few friends to post in my absence, and I hope that they do.  If I can, I’ll also run some Open Threads, although be warned that, if something gets stuck in the spam filter, it may be several days before I find it and release it.